$38,500 - expires Mar 31, 2016

Our premium Real Estate Domain pricing policy establishes a price that can be recovered with one or two home or property sales. Prices are modified quarterly to reflect contemporary property values.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 main residential areas on the Newport Peninsula:

  1. The upper peninsula area starting at Pacific Coast Highway... where Balboa Blvd. begins - and running along the oceanfront to where Balboa merges with Newport Blvd. at a commercial district anchored by the Newport Pier and McFadden Square. This area also encompasses property along Newport Boulevard and on Newport Island.
  2. The mid peninsula area, referred to on Realtor.com maps as Lido Isle Reach. This section of the Newport Peninsula begins at the Newport Pier and continues down to Adams Street... about 2 blocks past where the Balboa Blvd. median ends and Balboa Blvd. becomes a 2 lane / 2 way road through the Balboa Pier commercial district. The next street after Adams is Palm Street, where you can turn left to pick up the Balboa Ferry over to Balboa Island.
  3. The Balboa Peninsula Point area... essentially encompassing the entire Balboa Pier / Ferry district and continuing on out to the end of the Balboa Peninsula Point neighborhood of 836 property records, including the famous Gillette Brothers original mansion property - long ago split into 2 residences.
Here is how we compute the target price on a premium Real Estate related generic search Domain for the Newport Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA and its 1,400+ multi million dollar properties.

We reference Realtor.com and get the average home price, (or compute the average home price for multi-city areas)... typically referred to as the Median Value or Median Sale price ( median home value or median home sale ). We then calculate the full commission on a home priced in the median value range for this area - using the customary "local" commission fee of 5%.

Then we apply a factor based upon a minimal estimate of what portion of the full commission a Realtor would receive. This typically ranges from a low of 20% to a high of 100% - in the case of VERY special Domains. In the case of  NewportPeninsulaProperty.com,  through the "expires" date above, we have applied a lower range value of 30% and then rounded up to the nearest $500 increment.

As of Fall 2015, Realtor.com provides the following property statistics and home values for the Balboa Peninsula Point, Newport Beach, CA:

There are 836 Property Records for the Balboa Peninsula Point alone, at the tip of the Newport Peninsula, Newport Beach CA.

As of Fall 2015, Realtor.com shows an Average Home Price of $2,995,000 and an Average Sold Price of $2,125,000... 21 of which are "Recently Sold" - 6 at a "Reduced" price, with 19 currently for sale.

Here is a Link to the Realtor.com Balboa Peninsula Point information page. If this link isn't working for you, try Google using this search phrase "balboa peninsula point newport beach median home value"

Since no statistics could be found for the 2 upper areas of the Peninsula, we take the mid point of the Balboa Peninsula Point Average Home Price of $2,995,000 and Average Sold Price of $2,125,000... or $2,560,000. The Price... midpoint Price $2,56M * 5% = $128,000 (Full Brokerage Commission).
$128,000 * 30% (estimated Realtor commission capture) =  $38,500  Domain acquisition price.

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